• His favorite saying is Tusk-tastic.
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  • Is the second prince of Celesteville.
    • Following his father Prince Pom.
  • Badou is known to have a fear of mice in "Spy Trap" but he faced his fear in the end.
  • Badou is the first to win the Funniest Memory Contest in "Memory Mayhem."
  • He has trouble learning the thunderclap but masters it at the end of the episode.
  • He sleeps with an alarm clock shown in "Windrunners."
  • In "Heropotamus" he along with Jake and Chiku was the second team of explorers to discover the Golden Bananas.
  • It is revealed that Badou has a monster chaser's hat in "Lulu Time."
    • Interestingly, Pom is wearing the exact same hat in "The Thunderclap." So it might be that Pom gave his hat to Badou.
  • It is revealed in "Chocolate and Banana Soup" that he is the best trader said by Chiku.
    • Also, it was said by Badou himself that elephants don't make good climbers but great throwers in the same episode.
    • Which is actually true because with their trunks they can pretty much throw anything.
  • In "Truffle Snuffle" Badou learns how to find truffles with Jake's help.
  • It is shown in Zoomerblimps that Badou is a zoomerblimp pilot along with Munroe, Chiku, Dilash and Rhudi.
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