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Zawadi's getting tired off being apart of a herd and wants to treated as an individual, so she seeks advice from Dandy Andi. But her wanting to be her own zebra, leads her into a confrontation with Sleek the Leopard.


Copy Cat- After being dropped in the Savanna, Badou and Munroe were getting ready for a new adventure and glad at that the fact Zawadi lives with a herd. But, to their surprise she feels like another stripe in the grass; can't be told apart from the other zebra as well as being an individual then all of a sudden their something stalking them. Then, a lion popped out and frighten them especially Zawadi so much she ran away but it was actually Dandy Andi coming to say hi, after that Badou told her to come back while Munroe said he wasn't scared and Badou figured that Zawadi would be sad that she missed introductions. However, Andi didn't find it so surprising and that's what zebras are made to do, but had to send the boys back home because Sleek has been sneaking around in the jungle.

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