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* 5A: [[Windrunners]] and 5B: [[Bivowacky]]
* 5A: [[Windrunners]] and 5B: [[Bivowacky]]
* 6B: [[Heropotamus]]
* 6B: [[Heropotamus]]
* 10B: [[Operation Secret Suitcase]]
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Cornelius is King Babar's advisor at the palace and he's an Asian elephant, that normally wears glasses, a blue shirt, red paints and black shoes.

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He's wise and kind like King Babar, as well as really good friends with him and may look old but is very nimble and fast shown in "Old Tusks." Cornelius is also very organized and keeps the king on track and protective of the royal family shown "Bivowacky" when Babar's balloon floated away with Babar and Badou in it.


  • Quick and nimble


Season 1


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