Fascinated about the stories of the Heropotamus of the adventurer, then Badou and his friends hear of one treasure the explorer couldn't find. So they set off to find it themselves, can the kids work together to find it.


Heropotamus- Jake, Chiku and Badou were gathering around his grandfather listening to his stories about a grand adventurer named Heropotamus. In the midst of hearing the hippo's latest adventure the kids discover that there was one treasure, he didn't find and that was the Golden Bananas. Then, the kids began to ask why Babar said that they were hidden deep in the Thorn Thicket and had a riddle, Entry within can not be yours if only your eyes look for the doors. After that Cornelius came in and Babar had an important matter to attend too, so the kids went off to find it.

On the edge of the Bayubab Grove, the kids became indecisive about who should discover the Golden Bananas and being called Heropotamus and Badou supposed a race. Who ever got to the Golden Bananas first gets to be Heropotamus to which they all agreed and the race was on.

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