Prior to Babar and The Adventure of Badou

Most of Jake's origins is revealed in "The Day of the Jake", it was during the time of the heavy rainstorms, that Jake as a little fox was wandering around in the Deep Jungle. Until, one day he got flushed out and made his way into the Savanna where Hannah and the lions adopted him. They took care of him for a year until a monsoon hit the Savanna causing another flood that led Jake to being flushed out of the Lioness's den. Making him lose one of his shoes and get covered in barnacle burrs in the process, then he made his way into the Bazar in Celesteville. For the next few days Jake was hanging around the Candy Cook's Shop taking one of her cookies until she found him and got him cleaned up. Then, he met Badou, Babar and Cornelius when Jake came to the palace, discovering that the young fox was an orphan Babar assigned Cornelius to look after him.

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