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What starts as normal day for Jake puts him in a state of worry when he thinks that he and Cornelius are moving away. So Badou and his friends think of ways to keep Cornelius busy to that doesn't happen or is that what's really going on?


Operation Secret Suitcase- Jake wakes up one morning and sees that Badou wants to play from outside is his window and rushes out of his room. On his way out Jake came across Cornelius who told the young fox to be back by three, but then he begins to ask himself what's at three? Then, Jake tries to ask Cornelius but the elderly elephant didn't hear him as he was walking away, but the young fox noticed him carrying a suitcase. Meanwhile, as the kids were playing kickerball Jake asked Badou if he knew where Cornelius is going, Munroe guessed that they would be going on a vacation much to the fox's excitement.

Previous Episode- 10A: Gone Wild

Next Episode- 11A: Jake and the Big Book


Get all the facts straight first before assuming things.

Don't be secretive around friends and family.


  • The first lesson of this episode is the same as "Spy Trap".