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Pom is the father of Badou and the oldest son of King Babar and his brother Alexander with his sisters Flora and Isabelle making him the first prince in line for the throne before Badou. He's a full grown male elephant that wears a yellow shirt with a red vest, a black belt, blue pants and brown shoes. He used to call his father "Dad", "Pop", and "Father", but he still and now calls him "Pop".


Like his father, Babar, Pom is kind and gentle as well as intelligent being the architect for all of Celesteville, displays a loving side for his family and same time a serious side displayed in The Thunderclap.

Skills Edit

  • Thunderclap
  • Great Strength
  • Architect

Appearances Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the first prince of Celesteville.
  • His skin turned from gray to tan gray when he grew up.
  • He used to call Babar "Dad" and "Father" but now he calls him "Pop".
  • He built a proposal spot for Periwinkle when he was younger.
  • His voice actor, Dan Lett previously voiced Babar in the 2000 series.

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