Babar and the adventures of badou Wiki
  • He is the first prince of Celestevillie.
  • His skin turned from gray to tan gray when he grew up.
  • He used to call Babar "Dad" and "Father" but now he calls him "Pop".
  • He built a proposal spot for Periwinkle when he was younger.
  • His voice actor, Dan Lett previously voiced Babar in the 2000 series.
  • Pom is the only child of Celeste and Babar's that hasn't moved and has reprised for the reboot, he has officially become a father. Flora, Alexander, and Isabelle his siblings haven't returned because they've all moved away, except it's unknown where they are. They haven't once came back for any visits throughout the show, except maybe off-screen.
    • However, in "Babarathlon", he's seen in a picture as his child self shown along with his sister Flora and his brother Alexander when all 3 of them were born from the original series, followed by the movie Babar: King of the Elephants.
    • The likely reason Pom didn't move away was because due to him being the oldest he was next in line to inherit the throne and on top of being married to Periwinkle as well as being a father. Pom probably didn't want to leave the kingdom without a successor.
      • Plus if Pom had moved away with Periwinkle and their son Badou, then it would only be temporarily until his parents retired from their positions or passed away. But for Flora, Alexander, and Isabelle, it probably didn't matter for them moving away because they're younger than Pom.