Babar and the adventures of badou Wiki

You shouldn't eat something unless you know it's safe.

Through this adventure Badou and his friends discovered the Sunny Berries while playing in the Bayobab Grove. Not too soon everyone in palace came down with the Sneazles except for Munroe and Badou because they were both covered in Sunny Berry juice. Then had an idea they could use the berries to cure everyone, but the ambassador heard wind of their plan and wanted to use the king's weakened condition to secure the throne. So he worked with his nephew Tersh to steal the berries and once he did the ambassador ate all the berries so they couldn't used even though Tersh was skeptical. By the end of the episode Crocodylus came down with a horrible stomach ache from the berries and sneazles, the sneazles could be cured but the croc's tummy troubles would have to run it's course.