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Badou, Monroe and Zawadi go to the caverns to see petroglyphs but see that Prospero is using a jackhammer to steal the artifacts for money. So they try to stop him but Badou has a decision to make between getting the guards and stopping the bush pirate himself when Prospero gets Zawadi and Monroe trapped.


Mrs. Strich tells Badou, Monroe and Zawadi about Cleo and her Big Tusk Tribe creating the petroglyphs of Windsong Canyon. So the kids go looking for Babar when Monroe slips on a Sponge who bumps into Zawadi and they almost get crushed by the Totem Pole but luckily Badou and Babar save them. Badou asks his grandfather if they can go look for the petroglyphs, Babar agrees since that was where their ancestors were but to be back at dusk. When the kids find out that they go through Echogap and that they used it to communicate through them. Meanwhile they see a hot air balloon flying past; when they get there they are mesmerized by how majestic it is. But it doesn't last long as they see Prospero get a jackhammer and drill at the carvings so Munroe gets ready to attack but Zawadi and Badou stop him before things get nasty.

So Badou explains that Prospero is too dangerous of an opponent and Zawadi adds that they should go get help but he was worried that by the time Babar and his Guards get there Prospero would already be finished and gone. Instead, he offers to secretly untie his balloon so it will drift off leaving him stranded however in doing so they almost get caught by Prospero but luckily they hid behind a rock so he didn't see them but their plan doesn't work out ending with Zawadi being trapped. Prospero goes on top of the Glyph to drill making it too dangerous to help her or steal his balloon even Monroe thinks they should tell Babar but he feared if they leave Prospero might find her. As Badou sits down to think he notices a stick like catapult which gives him another idea to wait till the bush pirate isn't looking and launch Monroe at the balloon to puncture out and hide before Prospero notices the balloon while the prince gets Zawadi and then the trio run for help.

But this plan falls apart too leading causing the glyph to break apart and with Prospero to nearly get away with it. Noticing that his friends are trapped and that his plans weren't working out, Badou finally takes his friends advice and go for help but he trips on a log which alerts Prospero but gives the prince an idea. Meanwhile he's distracted Zawadi and Monroe try to escape but he slips on one of the banana peels and bumps into Zawadi leading to the bush pirate catching them but Badou pretends to make it sound like the Royal Guards are coming but Prospero gloats as he goes inside his Hot Air Balloon and takes off with the glyph. Seeing his friends attached Badou rushes back to save them he grabs the jackhammer and twists the winch up into the power tool which anchors him down but he releases the winch to escape. So they finally tell Babar, Mrs. Strich, and the Guards what's been happening and Babar declares it as a protected sight and if Prospero comes back to try to steal the glyphs he'll get arrested, leaving the Guards to secure the entrance. Babar tells his grandson that he should've sought to ask him for help instead of being prideful.

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