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One of the lands outside of Celesteville, The Savanna is home to many wild animals:

Season 1

Copy Cat

Badou, Munroe and Zawadi go to visit Dandy Andi but his surprise hello makes Zawadi run away in fear. After that Andi complimented that's what zebra's are suppose to do when they see danger. But the lion quickly escorts them home when they hear of Sleek sneaking around and wanting to be different from the herd. Zawadi goes to the Savanna to seek Andi's advice.

Kite Fight

Badou, Babar, Chiku and Munroe are all flying kites until Dilash challenges Chiku to a Kite Fight and Badou does his best to keep her on track.


Badou and his friends come to the Savanna to earn their zoomerblimp pilot wings.

Gone Wild

Chiku and Badou come to the Savanna to learn survival skills under Dandy Andi's tutelage.

Dandy Andi

Savannah Scramble

The Day of the Jake

The mysteries of Jake's past lead him and his friends to the Savanna where they discover that it was Hannah and the lions that found Jake first. Upon reuniting Jake played with the lions.

No Foolin


  • Called the Great Grass Sea by Badou.


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