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A Royal Recital is fast approaching and Badou who is fascinated with Chiku's ballet moves wants to try Ms. Stritch who's impressed with the Prince's moves wants him to perform. However, he gets really nervous about his friends laughing at him can he get over his fear before the event?


Ms. Stritch is seen teaching a Elephants and Rhinos history lesson to the kids and once finished Badou asked Chiku if she wanted to play kicker ball, but couldn't because of her ballet lessons. During the midst of her practicing Badou became interested and wanted to try at first he was very good, when he went outside the palace to practice suddenly he heard his friends thinking Munroe, Zawadi and Jake were laughing at him, Badou sneaks away. What he didn't know was that his friends were laughing about the lesson, at the next practice Badou improved a lot and Ms. Stritch who was impressed and wanted the young prince to perform during the recital, but he had second thoughts.

Chiku asked why and he said he didn't want anyone to laugh at him, then they hear Jake and Badou decides to hide in the Art Gallery with his friends not to far behind as well as quickly snuck out. To Chiku's surprise Badou was right and still didn't want to do it come by nightfall everyone came to attend the performance even Badou's parents who were proud, just before it started he was still nervous but Chiku said, "You shouldn't have anything to worry about." As Ms. Stritch was about to introduce the dancing pair, Badou still heard his friends laughing.

Badou and friends in a history lesson.

It was about time for Badou and Chiku to appear on stage but to everybody's surprise the prince has left the building and everyone began to wonder why Chiku said that Jake, Munroe and Zawadi had been laughing at him even though they didn't mean it. So Babar went off to find him while Chiku did her performance, just outside of the palace Badou was doing his moves and his grandpa caught a glimpse and saw that he was pretty good. After that they both talked about the reason they didn't want to dance is because they had a fear of looking silly in front of everyone. Unknown, for the moment to Babar and Badou that Jake was listening and wanted to apologize and much more Badou found a way to solve the problem.

Chiku's performance ended beautifully, just before the recital ended Badou decided to do his dance but with his grandfather they both started off pretty well. The two of them then got over their fears of looking silly and finished their dance, but Babar had trouble sticking the landing while they had fun doing it with everyone laughing in a good way.

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