A Royal Recital is fast approaching and Badou who is fascinated with Chiku's ballet moves wants to try Ms. Strich who's impressed with the Prince's moves wants him to perform. However, he gets really nervous about his friends laughing at him can he get over his fear before the event?


Tutu Badou- The episode begins with Ms. Strich teaching an Elephants and Rhinos history lesson to Badou and his friends and once finished Badou asked Chiku if she wanted to play kicker ball, but couldn't because of her ballet lessons.

Previous Episode: 1B: Sneezeasels

Next Episode: 2B: Hidden Courtyard



  • Jake's debut.
  • Ms. Strich's debut.
  • The first episode to begin with a teaching lesson.
  • The first time both Badou and Chiku are seen dancing.
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