A Royal Recital is fast approaching and Badou who is fascinated with Chiku's ballet moves wants to try Ms. Stritch who's impressed with the Prince's moves wants him to perform. However, he gets really nervous about his friends laughing at him can he get over his fear before the event?


Tutu Badou- The episode begins with Ms. Stritch teaching an Elephants and Rhinos history lesson to the kids and once finished Badou asked Chiku if she wanted to play kicker ball, but couldn't because of her ballet lessons. During the midst of her practicing Badou became interested and wanted to try at first he was very good, he when outside the palace to practice when suddenly he heard his friends thinking Munroe, Zawadi and Jake were laughing at him Badou sneaks away. What he didn't know was that his friends were about the lesson, at the next practice Badou improved a lot and Ms. Stritch who was impressed wanted the young princely to perform during the recital, but he had second thoughts.

Chiku asked why and he said he didn't want anyone to laugh at him, then they hear Jake and Badou decides to hide in the Art Gallery with his friends not to far behind as well as quickly snuck out. To Chiku's surprise Badou was right and still didn't want to it come by night everyone came to attend the performance,

Previous Episode: 1b: Sneezeasels

Next Episode: 2b: Hidden Courtyard



  • Jake's debut.
  • Ms. Stritch's debut.
  • Periwinkle's debut.
  • Pom's debut.
  • The first episode to begin with a teaching lesson.
  • The first time both Badou and Chiku are seen dancing.
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