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When Badou and Munroe discover that Prospero is in the Deep Jungle looking for Sleek just to sell her. Can the boys convince the leopard to trust them or will she be caught in Bush Pirate's cage?


The episode starts out with Badou and Munroe running away from Sleek. Then Monroe tries to slow her down by knocking coconuts off from the trees before hiding to catch their breath but Sleek finds them and chases them once more. So they jump on a log and swing to the other side but Sleek jumps on the log before falling into the pit while the two keep running and Badou gets his foot stuck in a trap making him to be unable to run so Monroe as to pick the lock. As Sleek tries to pounce on them she gets a trap stuck on her head. Then they go back to the Jaybourhood to clean up a messy camp when Monroe realizes that a pot is still warm which means the owner could be close by.

When he bumps a crate and knocks a cage over on himself, Badou helps him get out while saying no one should be put in a cage and hears a voice "is that so boyo". He recognizes the voice as Prospero's the nasty bush pirate who was banished from Babar's Kingdom so Badou and Monroe go by Sam and Bernard so they aren't recognized and learn that he is trying to catch Sleek. Just to earn a merry mess of money by selling her and inadvertadely tell him that she has a metal thing stuck on her head which he calls bootballs. Then before he leaves he warns them not to tell anybody that they saw him and Badou rushes to save Sleek while Monroe tags along reluctantly (ironically since he said she wasn't so tough). While Prospero follows Sleek's tracks though she knows where she's going since due to her senses she finds the boys who offer to protect her from Prospero by making a deal to let them go if they help her. Sleek doesn't trust them at first though until Badou says that he prince of Celesteville and has his word then she finally agrees Monroe tries to pick the lock but the spring is jammed so they have to pull it off her head.

But then she hears Prospero's voice and accuses them of lying but the boys manage to free the leopard and flee. Then Prospero sees a broken bootball with elephant tracks and a porcupine quill while fuming away. Afterwards they take the bag of bootballs to show Babar for proof then when they hide they hear him coming however the pirate finds them but Sleek saves the group by jumping out causing Prospero to trip over his bag and get his hands caught in his bootballs. And Sleek accidentally says Badou's name which Prospero finds out is Babar's grandson while she chases Prospero away along with the guards and when they get to the palace Crocodylus gets caught in the bootballs too thinking it's something special.

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